Yoga and Conscious Movement

Dynamic. Precise. Inspired. Playful. Focused. Sane. Real.

A physical practice to fortify your body, clarify your mind, and exquisitely tend you heart. Explore the forms of asana through clear and balanced instruction, precise and elegant sequencing, and essential teachings of the practice of yoga.

Our goal is embodiment--to move closer to a felt and lived experience of SELF.

In balancing detailed alignment and organic, centering movement we foster an environment for the evocative lived experience of your own self reflection.

Create a weekly embodiment practice for yourself with a rich education in traditional yoga through contemporary and innovative methodology.

Upcoming Schedule


Hatha Yoga | Saturdays 9:30-11am

90-minutes of straight forward yoga instruction with lots of heart.

$15 cash at the door or $18 online

@ The Subtle Mind

(No class: May 4th or June 1st)


Mama Movement | Monthly on Saturdays

Rachael Brody Goldstein (Heartseed Health) and Livia Cohen-Shapiro invite all who identify as a mother to join in a monthly movement offering to support and tend to all stages of the journey of motherhood. Dive deep into our ever changing bodies, laugh, cry, play, have time both for ourselves and to be in community, and most importantly to dance and move these precious bodies that have held life.  The movement will be a free-form dance with the support of awesome music from around the world and gentle facilitation and guidance. Rachael and Livia are both mamas and somatic psychotherapists who know first hand how needed and nourishing time to connect to ourselves and our own bodies can be. We hope to see you on the dance floor. Pre-walking babes in carriers are so welcome!  

Cost: Sliding Scale $12-$20

Upcoming Date: April 27th 1:30-3

Location Yoga Intentions (4645 N. Broadway Unit C4)


Advance Your Practice Series | Select Dates at Yoga Intentions

Upcoming Date: Saturday June 1st 10:30-1:00pm

2-hour Group Practices to refine and expand your practice. Make the harder poses more accessible and the easy stuff more interesting. For intermediate students.

Sliding Scale payments $15-$25

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E V O L V E : Annual Summer Camp for Yogis

July 19-21 / 9:00-1:30 each day / Tuition: $100 per day*

The path pf embodiment asks us to evolve. Yoga asks us to keep evolving, transforming and re-making ourselves. For Summer Camp this year, we dive together into the sea of evolution. What does it take evolve? What resources do we need to protect and cultivate for evolution on our planet and in ourselves to continue? What does evolution as a yogi in modern day life look like? Together, we’ll evolve together through nourishing practices and healthy edge-pushing. 

Our time together will be restorative and exploratory. Grounded and fun. Expansive and connective. Strong, sweaty and softening to our whole being. Enjoy contemplative practices, asana, creative arts making, delicious food and sweet community. Daily rhythm includes: 

  • Morning contemplative practices; meditation, journaling and chanting. 

  • A strong group practice to deepen your asana studies. 

  • Break with deliciously seasonal organic food, coffee, tea and conversation.

  • Making of a creative arts project that resonates with the theme of the day. 

    *Tuition includes all supplies. 


The Movement Experiment | Select Pop-Up Dates

Essentially, it's all about embodiment. It blends a variety of movement techniques to help people really get into their bodies in evocative and practical ways. Think a mix of soul-nourishing movement, HITT workout, kriyas, mixed with a spiritual zest and personal reflection all together with gorgeous music. Its truly a unique experience from what we have in our current movement culture; and it’s something people can’t get enough of. Music and movement drive the class, but it's all about personal experience and connecting with your own body in rich and grounded ways.